CDMO Services

Our CDMO Services

Visual Inspection

Within our range of CDMO services, we offer Visual Inspection to assist our clients in adhering to various regulations. We utilise cutting-edge technology to guarantee that our clients’ products conform to the rigorous standards of the market.

Packaging Solutions

Innovative, secure, and compliant packaging solutions customised for our clients’ diverse product range are another of our specialised CDMO services.

Controlled Drug Handling

Handling controlled drugs requires precision, security, and regulatory knowledge. As part of our comprehensive CDMO services, our facilities in Kawagoe, Greece, and Livron offer specialised solutions to manage these essential yet stringent requirements.

High Potency APIs (HPAPI)

Our dedicated facility in Athens offers high-quality HP APIs synthesis to cater to the growing demand for high potency compounds used in cutting-edge medications.

Supply Chain & Planning

Efficient and reliable supply chains are crucial to the pharmaceutical industry. Our strategic locations allow us to offer optimised supply chain and planning services, ensuring timely delivery across markets.

Stability Testing

Our CDMO services extend to comprehensive release and recurrent testing that includes method establishment, raw material testing, in-process chemistry testing, API and drug product release testing, ICH stability testing, and comparator testing. 

Cold Chain Management

Effective cold chain management is essential for maintaining the quality of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Our facilities offer comprehensive solutions, guaranteeing the secure and regulatory-compliant handling of our clients products throughout the entire process.

Regulatory Services

Our support can help our clients navigate the complex landscape of pharmaceutical regulations. From consultation and submission strategy to compiling the dossier, submission, and follow-up until the grant of Marketing Authorization (MA) and post-approval. 

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