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This is your gateway to becoming part of a team that values innovation, passion, and collaboration. Here, you’ll find opportunities that challenge you, inspire growth, and open doors to a fulfilling career. If you are ready to make an impact and contribute to our shared vision, we invite you to explore our current openings and consider becoming part of our dynamic team.

Our Values


• Embrace responsibility – act now
• Don’t fear failure – own it, learn from it and bounce back
• Make progress in meaningful work  


• Bring energy and fun to everything we do
• Think in solutions, not problems
• Focus on tomorrow, be different, create value


• Be a champion for yourself, the people and the environment
• Encourage diversity of opinion with curiosity and respect
• Uphold a trustful and caring meritocracy

Key Benefits of Joining Our Team

Careers in Leipzig, Germany

Angela Naumann – HR Manager, Leipzig


• Safe workplace
• 30 days vacation
• Employer-funded pension
• Accident insurance, including for private accidents
• Subsidy for the Germany ticket
• Regular events at the location

Careers in Kawagoe, Japan

Aki Yoshida – Head of HR & Admin, Kawagoe


  • Robust people development strategy:  we aim to make everyone a leader and to reinforce the leadership skills and behaviors required by the company.  It’s important for employees to develop their careers autonomously and to receive feedback/support from their managers. Company provides various development opportunities/programs (OJT, job rotation, stretch assignment, coaching, mentoring and formal external training)
  • Benefits: flex time system except for shopfloor staff, various leaves (annual paid leave, celebration/condolence leave, maternity leave, child-care leave, stock leave, service year leave, etc.), pension plans (defined benefit and defined contribution) and continued employment scheme up to age 70 after retirement age 60, etc.

Careers in Livron, France

Michelle Gielly – HR Manager, Livron


• An induction programme dedicated to the employee
• Festive events
• Investments on the site
• A dynamic works council
• New production lines

Careers in Athens, Greece

Natasa Sapountzi – EA & HR Coordinator, Athens.


• Competitive salary
• Private health insurance
• Pension plan
• Continuous training
• Opportunities for personal development
• Stimulating a scientific environment that fosters motivation

Corporate Careers

Kristina Dinger – Head of People


• Safe workplace
• International environment 
• Growing company / long-term employment / financial stability
• Your voice is heard
• Suggestion schemes/ surveys each year


Anastasis Mitsopoulos

R&D Scientist, Athens. Working at Adragos has been an enriching journey of continuous scientific growth. Following the acquisition, our company's profile has risen, attracting new clients and exciting projects for our R&D team. I've had the opportunity to delve into various pharmaceutical facets, from legal frameworks to advanced formulation techniques. Our culture fosters connectivity and collaboration, strengthening bonds with colleagues and driving exceptional service delivery while at the same time encouraging individuality. With this supportive environment, no challenge is insurmountable!

Giouli Papaspyridakou

Senior R&D Analytical Scientist, Athens. As a pharmacist, one of the most exciting professional prospects is to work in the pharmaceutical industry’s Research and Development department. As an R&D employee in Adragos I have accomplished this goal in the most satisfactory and scientifically proper manner possible. Here, I have the opportunity to work on many different and challenging projects, among qualified colleagues, who share the same vision. Together, we put high standards in everything we do, focusing on the importance of developing innovative products of high quality that will make patients’ lives better.

Konstantina Papadia

Clinical Development Supervisor, Athens. Working on groundbreaking projects at Adragos has been a highlight of my career. From developing challenging products to streamlining operational efficiencies, each project has been a testament to our team's dedication and expertise. It's incredibly rewarding to see our hard work translate into tangible results that drive our company's success. 

Naoko Fukushima

Head of Sterile Import. Kawagoe Site will develop as a CDMO capable of handling a wide variety of products as the solid dosage form manufacturing process is restarted.  I am currently not responsible for production of solid products but sterile products.  However, I am very excited to witness such a dramatic change and to be able to work together to make the Kawagoe Site more prosperous. 

Keiko Ryukawa

QC specialist, Kawagoe. I work in the Quality Control. In order to ship safe and effective products, I am responsible for testing and inspecting products on a daily basis to ensure that they meet quality standards.  I am particularly focused on complying with regulatory requirements for testing and inspection work, and I am responsible for analytical work.  Kawagoe Site is actively re-starting production facilities, making investments and introducing new equipment, and I look forward to the opportunity to take on new challenges.  As a member of the QC team, I am also making daily efforts to deepen my knowledge not only about test methods for existing products but also about new test methods for new products so that I can contribute to more partner companies and patients. 

Takayuki Yamaura

Customer Service, Kawagoe. My role is to contribute to the development of new customers by promoting our technology and services. Through my experience working at the Kawagoe Site, I have gained a deep understanding of the entire process leading to E2E, which allows me to propose solutions to potential customers and help them bring their pharmaceutical products to marketI feel that my personal growth is also linked to achieving new customers and contributing to the further development of my company, which is in the process of growingKawagoe Site provides opportunities for everyone to take on challenges, and in a culture that encourages the free exchange of ideas, we all have the opportunity to grow. 

Masato Fukuda

Utility Maintenace, Engineering, Kawagoe. In 2020, I had opportunity to change job from production operators such as tableting and coating machines to my current position of utilities equipment maintenanceAt the beginning of my new job, my knowledge of utilities was limited and I had a lot of trouble with unfamiliar tasks, but now I am used to my new position and enjoy the daily challenges of adjusting equipment and resolving problemsAlthough my position has changed, I am happy and rewarded to be able to utilize my knowledge and experience to contribute to the stable production and supply of utilities for our customers and patientsMy goal is to further deepen my knowledge and build a flexible facility and plant that can meet various needsLet's work together to build a better Kawagoe Site. 

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