Kawagoe, Japan

Our facility provides best-in-class manufacturing of tablets and ampoules, English and Japanese outstanding customer service, and has more than 270 high skilled employees. It stands out as one of Japan largest cold storage warehouses.  

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Our Site

Adragos Kawagoe is our cutting-edge manufacturing and end-to-end production facility located at the north west of Tokyo with a strategic location that aligns with the heartbeat of pharmaceutical innovation in Japan. 

Product Life Cycle Expertise

Our facility possesses the capability for product development, coupled with the agility to support regulatory needs specific to the Japanese market.

High Quality Standards

Commitment to high-quality standards extends beyond the products we manufacture from the initial stages of development to the final product release.

Customer Centric Approach

Building and cultivating high-standard customer relationships, ensuring trust, transparency, and satisfaction at every interaction.

Data Driven Excellence

We employ a data-driven approach in managing demanding supply chains, including Vendor Managed Inventory to meet your evolving needs.

Outstanding Quality Track Records

Currently supplying pharmaceuticals to both Japan with reliability, efficacy, and adherence to the highest industry standards.

Our Services


  • Encompassing formulation
  • Filling with terminal sterilization


  • Granulation
  • Compression
  • Coating
  • Printing
  • Inspection
  • Packaging

Visual Inspection

  • Pen like insulin products
  • Vials including cytotoxic and biologics 
  • Ampoules
  • Tablets
  • Pre-filled syringe (PFS) injection combos
  • Blister packed products like vaccines

Packaging Solutions

  • We deliver a wide variety of packaging formats:
  • Pen like insuline products
  • Vials including cytotoxic and biologics
  • Ampoules
  • Tablets (blisters and bottles)

Additional Services

  • Controlled drugs handling
  • Cold chain management
  • Analytics

Key Information

Location: Kawagoe, Japan
SQM: 36,410 m²
Foundation Year: 1968 
FTE (Employees): 270




Visual Inspection 

Our Technologies


  • Printing, inspection and packaging of tablets
  • Uncoated / Film-coated tablets


  • 3,480 tablets per minute.


  • 10,000 tablets per minute.
  • Film-coated tablets
  • Every tablet is scrutinized for quality


  • Uncoated / Film-coated tablets/ Capsules
  • Spec: 600 blisters per minute


  • Fill and finish of ampoules, injectables, vials and syringes.
  • Ampoules formulation up to 900 liters.


  • Ampoules: 400 ampoules per minute


  • Ampoules/ Vials/ Syringes
  • Meticulous manual inspection


  • 60 boxes per minute
  • Packaging can be: automatic, semi-automatic or manual secondary packaging.

Meet our team in Kawagoe

Highly skilled and experienced in their field.


Masanori Kurogome

After graduating from the Faculty of Pharmacy, he majored in analytical chemistry at graduate school. Following this he joined Aventis Pharma as a new graduate, which follows in the footsteps of Hoechst, the predecessor of Sanofi, who developed the “Hoechst-Wacker” method. He originally imagined himself in pharmaceutical analysis, such as quality control, but he was assigned to a production site at a factory. Through several years of experience in the production field he gained valuable insights which broaden his perspective and help him regarding decision making as the site head. In 2018 Kurogome started programming because he wanted to expand his skill set and explore new avenues of knowledge. It is Kurogome’s mission and goal to further enhance the value of Adragos Kawagoe and make it the only factory that cannot be replaced.

To learn more about Kurogome’s career path, view his LinkedIn Profile.

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