Adragos' Mission

Our commitment to patients and customers is to keep pharmaceuticals:


Global distribution


Reliable supply


Competitive prices


Highest quality standards

Four sites

Across France, Germany, Greece and Japan


Highly skilled employees


Year-on-year growth

Global Reach, Local Expertise

Our sites in Europe and Asia present strategic locations that provide access into the major mature pharmaceutical markets.

Leverage our extensive and expanding network, led by seasoned professionals, to gain an edge both regionally and locally.

Why Partner with Us?

Quality and Customer Centricity

We ensure strict criteria is met and prioritize consistency in our service quality.

Data-Driven CDMO

Data matters! That’s why we are investing in a data-driven roadmap at Adragos Pharma to ensure that our offerings match the industry's needs.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

With our comprehensive and ever-expanding range of services at attractive locations, we are able to meet the needs of our global customers. 

ESG Focus

We are committed to operating with sustainable and ethical business practices that take into account environmental impact, social responsibility and strong corporate governance.

Exciting times are ahead of us!

This is going to be great! But we can’t do it alone! Join us – we are always looking for great talent.

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