Meet our colleague

Henny Zijlstra


Meet Henny, our esteemed Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Adragos Pharma. With a steadfast commitment to putting customers first, Henny drives our mission to deliver exceptional experiences and outcomes.

Henny’s extensive experience in the pharmaceutical CDMO industry has given her a unique perspective on positively disrupting the market. She constantly challenges conventions, pushing boundaries to shape innovative strategies that propel us forward.

Focused and driven, Henny consistently raises the bar for our team, encouraging us to exceed expectations and make a lasting impact. She understands the importance of forging personal connections with our customers, recognizing that true success comes from truly understanding their needs and aspirations.

As CCO, Henny leads by example, instilling a customer-centric mindset throughout our organization. Her dedication to excellence and her ability to foster personal connections fuel our mission to transform the industry.



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