Non-Sterile Liquid

Non-sterile liquids: Oral solutions

Oral Solutions

Non-sterile liquids: Drops




Our Network for Non-Sterile Liquid

Our Products

Our Capabilities
Bottle extrusion (PE) bottles (Battenfeld)
Batch sizes up to 5,300 liters

Our Technologies
Plastic Bottles (PE) in size range from 25 ml to 1,000 ml
Specialty products with high flammable concentration (i.e. ATEX)
Final assembly, labelling and packaging into folding boxes
1 production line

Our Quality Control
Non-Sterile products classified as Drugs or Biocides
Quality control according to EU GMP

Our Products
Oral solutions, drops, suspensions

Our Capabilities
Batch sizes scaling up to 4,000 liters 

Our Technologies
Plastic bottles and glass bottles in size range from 30ml to 700ml 
Final assembly, labeling, and packing in folding boxes 
3 production lines for packaging: Dovema, Groninger and Würschum

Our Quality Control
Serialization according to the EU  
Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)

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