Discover our portfolio of out-licensing developments 

Our out-licensing model grants partners access to our Generic and Value Added Medicines products, helping expand product ranges, enter new markets, and fast-track healthcare solutions. Partnering with us means joining a shared mission to profoundly impact global health. 

Fully-Integrated Network  

Our integrated network ensures smooth operations and seamless communication throughout the out-licensing process.  

Fast and Ready-Made Solutions 

At Adragos Pharma, we deliver fast-track solutions. By opting for our out-licensing service, you’re investing in a ready-to-market product.

Expertise and Resources

For companies lacking in-house resources for product development and production, we step in as your strategic partner. Leverage our expertise to bring your pharmaceutical products to market efficiently. 

Why choose us?

Get Access to High-quality Dossiers

We are experts in all the essential regulations and guidelines, and boasts of wide-ranging experience. Avoid the hassle of delayed back and forth with the authorities: we already have the product dossier you require in our portfolio.

Benefit from a Team of Experts  

We have dedicated teams to cater to your unique needs with dedicated professionals focused on ensuring you launch right at patent expiry. Our advanced technology and competent staff are more than ready to comply with increasing demands.

Reliable Supply Chain

We understand your deadlines matter and that’s why we prioritize timely delivery. Although unforeseen global issues like pandemics or energy crises can affect timelines, our promise to you is transparency. We keep our clients in the loop, supplying in full and on time as consistently as possible.

Access a Wide Product Portfolio

Partnering with a company that boasts a diverse portfolio simplifies your operations. Streamline your dealings by opting for a single supplier over multiple ones, minimizing processes to learn and enhancing efficiency. 

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