Semi Solid

Semi-solids: cream


Semi-solids: oinments


Semi-solids: Gels


We utilise cutting-edge equipment specifically designed for Semi Solid pharmaceuticals. This includes rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure that our products meet all regulatory requirements and are safe for use. Our team has cultivated specialised skills and knowledge, ensuring the manufacture of superior-quality products that adhere to stringent standards.

Our Network for Semi Solid

Our Products
Ointments, creams, gels, healing paste

Our Capabilities
A broad range of batch sizes spanning from 15 to 1250 liters 

Our technologies

Primary Packaging
Cover a wide spectrum format of 5mg to 200mg.
Laminate tubes and plastic tubes (25g -200g)
Aluminum tubes (2 g – 150g)
3 production semi-solid lines (Marchesini, Norden, IWKA)

Quality Control
Risk-based cross-contamination management 
Self-inspection auditing 
Supplier evaluation 
Certification and batch release 

Our Products
Intestinal gel

Our Capabilities
100 ml cassette

Our technologies
Viscous solution (gel) filled into a plastic cassette including primary bag of EVA material​

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