Dr. Andreas Raabe


Andreas started Adragos with the specific goal to build a leading global CDMO that would truly embody service mindset and a philosophy of partnership towards the customers.

Apart from a brief stint in aerospace, Andreas has spent his entire career in the pharmaceutical industry. A scientist by background, he soon left academia to build a European life-science consultancy before spending several years at McKinsey, serving clients across Europe, US and Asia.

He subsequently held top management roles at different leading pharma players where he shaped the strategic focus of the companies, for instance through network optimization, portfolio strategy as well as operational turnarounds.

Andreas holds a Ph.D. in biomedicine jointly awarded by Imperial College London, EMBL Heidelberg, and Université Montpellier, where he graduated summa cum laude. He also holds a M.Sc. in cancer research from Max-Planck-Institute and University of Freiburg.