Controlled Drug Handling

Handling controlled drugs requires precision, security, and regulatory knowledge. Our facilities in Athens, Kawagoe, and Livron offer specialized services to manage these essential yet stringent requirements. We ensure the safety, security, and regulatory compliance of pharmaceutical products containing controlled substances through meticulous planning and adherence to regulatory standards.

Controlled Drug Hangling

This includes secure storage practices, detailed documentation to track substances, rigorous tracking and record-keeping systems, regular inventory management checks, quality control procedures, and comprehensive oversight from procurement to distribution. Our approach involves strict adherence to regulatory requirements, offering secure handling in line with regulatory standards, and continuous monitoring to mitigate risk and maintain regulatory standards.

Our Network for Controlled Drug Handling

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing site specialises in ampoules, tablets and visual inspection services. We offer excellent customer service in English and Japanese. It has one of the largest cold storage warehouses in Japan.


With over 100 years of experience, Adragos Livron focuses on sterile liquids and suppositories manufacturing. We handle more than 100 molecules and provide stability studies, narcotics handling and analytical testing services.


With more than 3,000 sqm of R&D facilities, Adragos Athens specialises in the development of Value Added Medicines and has been recently upgraded with HPAPI capabilities.


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