We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of oral solid dosage forms, from initial production to final packaging.

  • Uncoated
  • Film-coated tablets: from aqueous to solvent-based film coating
  • Orally Dissolving Tablet (ODT)
  • Capsules

Our Expertise

Small to large commercial manufacturing 
Tablet compression 
Granulation expertise, including semi-continuous technique 
Film coating: from aqueous to solvent-based film coating


• Granulation and compression of tablets


• 3,480 tablets per minute

Visual Inspection

• 10,000 tablets per minute
• Film-coated tablets
• Every tablet is scrutinized for quality


• Uncoated/ Film-coated tablets / Capsules
• Blister and bottle packaging
• Primary and Secondary packaging
• Speed: Max 600 blisters/min

Quality Control

• HPLC – (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) 
• Dissolution

We offer Tablet manufacturing in Kawagoe, Japan

Adragos Kawagoe is our cutting-edge manufacturing facility located at the north of Tokyo with a strategic location that aligns with the heartbeat of pharmaceutical innovation in Japan.

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