Supply Chain & Planning

Our process covers the entire value chain, from planning, procurement, project management, and supply services seamlessly integrated into every phase to secure the timely provision of the targeted results. 

Especially for the project management either related to new product development or new product introduction to the market (launch), our team coordinates the relevant subphases from the initiation to the closure step in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. Reporting with documentation including project plans and launch trackers certainly constitutes integral part of the whole process. 

Supply Chain Services

• Supplier evaluation and qualification for Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), excipients, packaging components and subcontractors 
• Contract manufacturing organizations (CMO) identification and qualification either in case of new projects or tech transfer activities for registered products 
• Coordination of registration batches 
• Commercial production planning for new SKUs and rolling planning for marketed products 
• Finished product supply 
• Raw material sourcing 
• Inventory management and optimization 
• Selection of sustainable suppliers and monitoring carbon dioxide footprint 
• Customer service throughout the product lifecycle (e.g artwork management, stability reporting). 


• 100+ stock-keeping units (SKUs) in supply 
• 300 Registration & Commercial batch productions on an annual basis Post-approval of commercial productions and liaison with the respective marketing authorization holders (MAHs).  
• Sourcing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), excipients, and packaging components as needed 
• Forecasting 
• Inventory management and on-time deliveries of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), excipients, and Finished Products 
• Order placing and follow-up 
• Finished product shipment organisation

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