Highly Potent Drug Products

The HPAPI Laboratory is equipped to safely manage High Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPI) with an Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) not lower than 0.5 μg/m³. 

Highly Potent API

Highly Potent API Laboratory with EU-GMP Approved Analytical Laboratory

Experienced Developer

Experienced developer of value-added medicines ​with a proven track record

Highly Potent API Development

In 2023 a Highly Potent API laboratory was built in our facility in Athens to ensure operator and environmental safety, and to extend our in-house technical capabilities for new product development of highly potent substances. 

The steadily increasing demand for new products containing active substances categorised as highly potent, such as medicines to treat cancer, resulted in the strategic decision of allocating resources and building a dedicated suit in this fast-growing area.  

Approved and Certified

The dedicated suite for highly potent products at our Athens facility has been certified as EU GMP compliant by the Greek Regulatory Authorities since 2023. It encompasses state-of-the-art laboratory technology and highly skilled professionals to meet your company’s needs.

The Highly Potent API (HPAPI) laboratory features a lab-scale manufacturing area for the R&D production of both solid and liquid pharmaceutical products containing HPAPI, as well as an analytical laboratory. Adhering to GMP requirements, the laboratory is equipped to undertake the analysis of both liquid and solid pharmaceutical products and active substances.

We handle HPAPI in Athens, Greece

With more than 3,000 sqm of R&D facilities, Adragos Athens specialises in the development of Value Added Medicines and has been recently upgraded with HPAPI capabilities.

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