Adragos Pharma and Colonis Pharma strengthen their partnership

by admin · March 14, 2024

We are pleased to announce the strengthening of our long-established partnership with Colonis Pharma. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to innovation and reliability in pharmaceutical product development and supply.

 Over a decade ago, our company, then known as Lamda Laboratories, joined forces with Colonis Pharma. Together, we have worked tirelessly on developing value-added medicines, consistently delivering high-quality and innovative products to patients worldwide.

 This extension of our partnership offers significant benefits to Colonis Pharma, further strengthening their commitment to advancing their portfolio of value-added medicines. Adragos Pharma’s expertise in developing new formulations, backed by cutting-edge technologies and strict adherence to the highest standards, plays a crucial role in preserving the quality and reliability of its products.

Managing Director of Adragos Athens, Aggelos Karatzas reflects on the extended partnership: “We are glad to start this new stage in our partnership with Colonis with a long-term supply and master development agreement. Our recent facility upgrade has expanded our capabilities, empowering us to develop and supply highly potent drugs that will greatly benefit this new alliance.” Today, Adragos Athens is ready and equipped for the future development and supply of high-potency drugs.

The recent agreement between Adragos and Colonis Pharma is not just a simple contract, but a long-term development and supply agreement. This agreement is designed to strengthen the supply chain and ensure seamless continuity of supply. By leveraging our extensive capabilities in supply chain management, we assist Colonis Pharma in improving their operational efficiency. We ensure an uninterrupted flow of life-changing medicines to patients in need.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Colonis Pharma, as we share a vision of pioneering pharmaceutical innovation.


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