Highlights from DCAT Week 2024

by Azul Gonnet · April 9, 2024

The DCAT Week of 2024 began with great anticipation and excitement as important leaders from the global bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain gathered in New York City. For us, it was a networking opportunity and a platform to announce expansions and showcase a determined dedication to serving the pharmaceutical community.

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Henny Zijlstra, expressed excitement about our company’s participation in DCAT Week and explained:

“For Adragos, this event wasn’t merely a networking opportunity; it was a platform to engage with clients, demonstrate our expanded network in the US market, and foster stronger ties with industry peers.”

She then added: “Our participation at DCAT Week aligns with our strategic approach to growth, innovation, and partnership. We aim to strengthen our market presence, showcase our latest capabilities, and present our committed team. In addition, our M&A team will be on the lookout for potential acquisition targets.”

DCAT presents a great opportunity for us to directly engage with our client base and showcase the enhanced capabilities of our expanded network to the US market. 

DCAT Member Company Announcement Forum

At the beginning of the week, our Head of Corporate Development, Cem Goekmen, participated in the DCAT Member Company Announcement Forum. There he announced that Adragos intends to broaden its production network by acquiring new companies in Europe, North America, and Japan. 

He emphasised: “We want to set new standards in customer service and data-centric operations.”

This year, we are thrilled to announce the growth of our network, which includes two vital facilities. Kawagoe provides visual inspection and packaging services for US clients interested in the Japanese market, while Halden offers sterile manufacturing sites with FDA certification.

Our goal for DCAT was to demonstrate our latest capabilities, introduce our dedicated team and enhance our market presence, to accomplish successful business ventures through sales, mergers, and acquisitions in the near future.

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