How Adragos stays ahead in the industry: Mastering the supply chain game with data driven mindset  

by Azul Gonnet · April 25, 2024
Supply chain

A strong and reliable supply chain is crucial for businesses to succeed and avoid costly disruptions. A proven history of delivering excellent goods and establishing solid customer connections is essential. To fully comprehend the supplier landscape, employing a tool that could guarantee strong supply chains, proactive risk management, and improved customer supply chain security was crucial. Therefore, we decided to adopt Qyobo, a powerful market analytics tool for pharmaceutical ingredients and chemicals. 

A Shift Towards Diversification 

The lack of supply chain visibility made assessing and mitigating risks challenging. We made extensive efforts to diversify our sourcing and find reliable alternative suppliers to avoid over-reliance on a single market such as China. The available tools needed to be improved, and finding new suppliers relied on time-consuming methods such as personal networks and attending industry exhibitions.  

Implementing a digital tool has significantly improved supply chain management visibility, making identifying and reducing risks easier.  

Efficiency Through Innovation 

One of the most significant wins for Adragos was the dramatic reduction in supplier discovery time. QYOBO is a user-friendly platform that offers unparalleled insights into the supply chain.  

For instance, we recently faced a bottleneck where we had only one supplier for a product in Japan. The software helped us overcome the challenge by identifying a new supplier, facilitating collaboration, and optimising our supply chain. 

Proactive Risk Management 

We can strategically source materials and suppliers to maintain a secure supply chain. In the last months we have achieved superior supply chain security through proactive risk management strategies. The platform’s data-driven approach empowers Adragos to stay alongside any supply chain vulnerabilities well in advance, thus affording them the luxury of time and preparedness. 

We can also have visibility, for example identifying which manufacturing sites might be affected and which products are at risk in the event of an earthquake. 

Process Optimization  

Accelerating the supplier discovery process allows Adragos to quickly seize new opportunities in a dynamic market landscape. In the long term, the tool assists with planning, integrating new suppliers, anticipating potential site issues, and reacting before they become critical problems. This is essential for maintaining a continuous supply chain. 

A New Era for Adragos  

Adragos adoption of QYOBO has transformed it from a reliable player in the industry to an exemplar of supply chain excellence. Utilising the platform ensures resilient supply chains for our clients. We differentiate ourselves in the CDMO industry by proactively using data-driven strategies to provide reliable patient access to essential medicines. At Adragos we are well-equipped to face any supply chain challenge that comes our way. 


Andreas Kopp

Andy is Corporate Head of Global Supply Chain & Strategic Procurement at Adragos. Has experience as a global supply chain and procurement leader.

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