The power of patient-centricity at Adragos

by Azul Gonnet · April 19, 2024

Our Head of Clinical and Scientific Affairs at Adragos Athens, John Kytariolos, has shared his insights in Manufacturing Chemist about resources of patient-centric dosage forms and our impact on the CDMO industry.

You can find the complete article below.

Transforming healthcare with patient centricity

Increased convenience and compliance is driving the need for patient centricity when designing dosage forms. Developing medicines with a target patient population in mind, helps tailor a drug product’s properties to better meet the needs of the patient. Patient outcomes can be significantly enhanced by improving the stability and shelf-life of existing formulations and producing a combination product to help lessen pill burden.

There are many considerations when developing a treatment for certain patient populations. For example, for paediatric or geriatric patients, shape, size, taste and palatability are key considerations, and formulating tablets which are small and quick to dissolve or that can be formulated as a liquid can help reduce the risk of choking.

The needs of the patient must be considered from the beginning of the drug development process so that dosage forms are developed with the patient in mind at each stage. It requires a comprehensive understanding of the target patient population and this information can help formulation scientists to optimise the composition, and maintain quality, safety and efficacy.

The availability of patient information can also offer opportunities for innovation, highlight gaps in the market, and subpopulations that might benefit from a new product.

Continuous innovation through the use of 3D print and AI will help drive future production of medicines that are tailored for specific patient subpopulations. 3D print allows for flexibility in dosing and design; while AI enables drug design and can help reduce development times.

In a recent article with Manufacturing Today, John Kytariolos, Head of Clinical and Scientific Affairs at Adragos Pharma shares his thoughts on the importance of patient-centric dosage forms and considers the impact they’re having on the pharmaceutical industry. Read the full article here.


John Kytariolos

John holds a BSc, MSc, and PhD in Pharmacy specializing in Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics. For the past 11 years, he has been at the helm of the Clinical Development department...

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