Women in Science: Aurélie Thénault’s Journey at Adragos Pharma   

by Valeria Cardellini · June 26, 2024

In an industry as dynamic and challenging as pharmaceuticals, women like Aurélie Thénault are bringing change and leading the charge toward innovation. Aurélie, operational excellence and lean manager at Adragos Pharma’s Livron facility, exemplifies what it means to be a woman in science today. In this article, we explore her journey, the challenges she faces, and her vision for the future. 

The Joy of Learning and Innovation 

For Aurélie, every day at Adragos Pharma is an opportunity to learn and grow. What stands out to her the most about her role is the constant learning and the freedom to experiment with new ideas. 

What I enjoy the most is learning every day and having the freedom to try new things, try to improve everybody’s practices in their job and mine” Aurélie explains. “I also love having a direct connection with the field of operations as well as with the site management team. Discussing with everyone is very enriching.

Aurélie Thénault – Operational Excellence Manager, Livron

This atmosphere of open communication and a hunger for improvement is what fuels Aurélie’s passion for her work. 

Navigating Challenges in a Male-Dominated Industry 

Aurélie’s path to leadership has not been without its hurdles. As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated field, she has faced her fair share of challenges. 

It is certainly challenging, and I sometimes had to put extra effort to ensure my contributions were properly recognised” she admits. “But I believe by being determined, straightforward, and listening, it is possible to develop great work relationships. For me, professionalism is key.

Despite these challenges, Aurélie has made significant steps, proving that determination and professionalism can help overcome many obstacles. 

Leading the Way with Project FUTURE 

One of Aurélie’s major accomplishments at Adragos Pharma has been co-leading Project FUTURE, the initiative to launch a totally new aseptic filling line at the Livron facility. This massive project aimed at boosting production capacity came with its own set of challenges. 

“Finding the right resources to start working on the project was challenging,” she says. “Our everyday job is to produce medication, not to build new clean rooms. It was a new skill set for us, so building the team was the most complicated part.

Aurélie’s ability to navigate these challenges and bring together a competent team to see the project through to its final stages speaks volumes about her leadership skills and problem-solving abilities. 

Women in the Pharmaceutical Industry 

Aurélie’s journey offers valuable insights into the current state of women in the pharmaceutical industry. While there are more opportunities for women today, the path to significant roles is often filled with challenges. 

I really enjoy progressing in the organisation, joining the company COMEX and having the trust from the management team for implementing a structured strategy for improvements on the site” she reflects. “But it’s not always easy. There are still barriers to break, gender disparities still persist in the industry.

Her experiences highlight the importance of creating a more inclusive and supportive work environment that recognizes and values the contributions of women in science. 

In conclusion, Aurélie Thénault is an inspiring example of resilience, continuous learning, and leadership in the pharmaceutical industry. Her commitment to improving practices, her skill in leading complex projects, and her insights into the role of women in science make her a valuable part of the Adragos Pharma family. 

At Adragos Pharma, we are proud to support and celebrate leaders like Aurélie who not only contribute to the success of our projects but also set an example for future generations of women in science. Aurélie’s story is a testament to the power of determination, professional growth, and the endless possibilities that arise when you combine passion with perseverance. 

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