Meet our colleague

Aggelos Karatzas

Site Head, Athens

Aggelos is the Managing Director of Adragos Athens, where he skillfully leads the team to expand capabilities and
drive new product developments. With over fifteen years of experience in R&D operations and seven years in his
current position, Aggelos has played a pivotal role in the company’s success.

Aggelos holds a Doctoral Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology and, after completing his MSc studies in
Industrial Pharmacy, he started on a journey in the pharmaceutical industry. He began his career at the Formulation
Department of Pharmathen and Alapis, swiftly advancing to the position of Head of Formulation Development at
Lamda Laboratories.

In 2016, Aggelos assumed the role of Managing Director, steering the company towards consistent growth and
successful target achievement. In 2023, the company was acquired by Adragos Group, to ensure continuous
improvement and success.

Aggelos envisions a future for Adragos Athens characterized by sustained growth and innovation. His strategic
approach involves a relentless pursuit of excellence in new product development, creating additional assets for the
Company and establishing solid partnerships, leveraging his expertise to position the company at the forefront of
the industry.


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