Meet our colleague

Masanori Kurugome

Site Head, Kawagoe

Kurogome serves as the site Head for Adragos, Kawagoe. After graduating from the Faculty of Pharmacy, he majored in analytical chemistry at graduate school. Following this he joined Aventis Pharma as a new graduate, which follows in the footsteps of Hoechst, the predecessor of Sanofi, who developed the “Hoechst-Wacker” method. He originally imagined himself in pharmaceutical analysis, such as quality control, but he was assigned to a production site at a factory. Through several years of experience in the production field he gained valuable insights which broaden his perspective and help him regarding decision making as the site head. In 2018 Kurogome started programming because he wanted to expand his skill set and explore new avenues of knowledge. It is Kurogome’s mission and goal to further enhance the value of Adragos Kawagoe and make it the only factory that cannot be replaced.

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